Mumbai: The National Medical Commission (NMC) has received applications from more than 1,000 medical schools nationwide to launch postgraduate programs for the upcoming academic year, while 665 colleges have requested to expand their current seat capacity. 

Last year, the number of postgraduate places at all medical colleges in the nation exceeded 68,000. A total of 1,010 applications were submitted to the Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB) by current institutions that are eager to begin Neet postgraduate courses in the 2024–25 academic year. The Commission will establish Aug 16, 2023

The applications are currently being evaluated at different stages, and the appropriate authority will review them. In addition, 665 applications from current schools seeking to add more PG seats for the same academic year were received by the board. These applications will be carefully examined, and a final decision will be sent to the colleges by the schedule specified. If an inspection results in a show-cause notice, colleges will also need to provide a compliance report.

According to a government official, the procedure is more rigorous this time around, and the number of seats may or may not increase at the same rate as it did the previous year. Approximately 6,000 additional postgraduate seats were added to the pool last year across the country.  The official stated, “It all depends on colleges’ compliance and how well they can submit their self-assessment report.” The NMC’s inspection procedure typically begins in January or February. The Commission intends to begin the inspection procedure for postgraduate courses, even if the undergraduate course process has been postponed.

Parent representative Brijesh Sutaria stated that while more seats are always desirable, the procedure needs to be finished on time. “The tests, originally scheduled for March, will now take place in July due to the postponement. Sutaria stated, “There is ample time available for compliance. According to a recent Parliamentary assessment of the nation’s medical education system’s quality that was given to the Rajya Sabha, there is an immediate need to raise the overall number of seats.