OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR DOCTORS. We assure to resolve your queries/compliants as early as possible

Level 1: Support Staff You can contact our staff with your grievance in either one of the following ways:

1. Helpline : 8220-345678 Ext No 9

2. Email :

3. Online Complaint Form >>>.

You will get a unique Call registration number and a time estimate for the complaint to be resolved. If the complaint relates to the disruption of services and/or disconnection of services it will be redressed within 48 hours from the date of registration of complaint. Where the complaints relates to any other grievance, all such complaints will be redressed within seven days from the date of registration of complaint.

*Billing complaints may take maximum take up to 4 weeks to be resolved.

**Please Note Refund Request will not be addressed through this medium


In case the problem is not resolved within the stipulated time as given by the Call Centre, or the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided he/she may escalate the complaint to

LEVEL 2 : Support staff by Call/SMS/Whatsapp/ : 9094-777-855