ADRPLEXUS APPS Fair Usage Policy
Please note that the Fair Usage Policy outlined above applies to all mobile applications developed and distributed by ADRPLEXUS on the Google Play Store and other platforms. Users are required to adhere to these terms and conditions when accessing any of our apps.

1. Single User Policy: ADrPLEXUS courses are intended for individual use by the registered user on one device only. Sharing credentials or allowing multiple users to access the content using the same login information is strictly prohibited.

2. Monitoring: ADrPLEXUS employs advanced monitoring systems to detect any unauthorized sharing of credentials. Any suspicious activity, including simultaneous logins from different IP addresses or locations, will be closely monitored and investigated.

3. Immediate Termination: In the event of any violation of the single user policy or any other terms of service, ADrPLEXUS reserves the right to immediately terminate the services provided to the user without any refund of fees.

4. Technical Measures: ADrPLEXUS implements various technical measures to prevent dual usage of accounts. These measures may include but are not limited to:

IP Address Monitoring: Monitoring of IP addresses to ensure that only one device is accessing the course content at any given time.

Device Identification: Utilizing device fingerprinting techniques to identify and track devices accessing the course materials.

Location Tracking: Monitoring the geographical location of users to detect any discrepancies or unauthorized access.

Session Management: Implementing session management protocols to prevent simultaneous logins from multiple devices.

5. Legal Action: ADrPLEXUS reserves the right to take legal action against any individual or entity found to be in violation of the Fair Usage Policy. This may include pursuing civil remedies and seeking damages for any losses incurred due to unauthorized usage or sharing of course content.

6. Educational Integrity: ADrPLEXUS values educational integrity and expects all users to adhere to ethical standards. Sharing of course materials or engaging in any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

7.User Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that their account credentials are kept secure and not shared with others. Users are also expected to comply with all terms of service and Fair Usage Policy guidelines.

8. Continuous Monitoring and Updates: ADrPLEXUS will continuously monitor usage patterns and update its policies and technical measures as necessary to maintain the integrity of the platform and protect the interests of its users and content creators.