Act now for a rock-solid preparation for NEET-PG

If your target is to ace the November INI-CET and Final NEET-PG 2023, the Rapid Response Program (RRR) of ADrPlexus is what you need. RRR comes loaded with 3 mock test series for INI-CET, 6 real grand mock exams for NEET-PG, 250 hours of subject-wise tests and discussions, and live interactive online and recorded test and discussion sessions, among others. Together, all these and more ensure our RRR packs a punch and catapults you into the league of leaders for sure.  

What is the Rapid Response Program?

If you plan to take on the most competitive examinations in the medical domain, namely INI-CET and NEET-PG, you need comprehensive preparation with a multidisciplinary approach. Ideally, your prep should be bolstered by multiple mock tests, thousands of MCQs, regular assessments and explanatory notes accompanying the correct answers, live interactive online discussion on the MCQs, recorded picture-based discussion, and much more. 

All these are an integral part of our Rapid Response Program (RRR). If you are looking to craft an effective planning strategy for your INI-CET and NEET-PG, you just need to buy our RRR and follow the instructor-led and suggested steps all the way to success.

What’s included in this program?

This program includes everything you need to prepare extremely well for your PG medical entrance examinations, such as INI-CET and NEET-PG. Here’s a peek into the key elements of our Rapid Response Program:

  • Topic-wise leaderboard: Almost 30 high-yielding topics are likely to be covered till January 3, 2023. With real-time assessment via leaderboard quiz, you will get a feel of the real test and be ready for it. After every exam you take, crisp explanations of the answers will be uploaded to help you compare your answers and rectify your mistakes. Our program comes with a total number of 70 examinations (comprising 1800 MCQs) backed by a proven method of improving your scores.
  • 19 subject-wise tests and discussions (spanning almost 250 hours): Our highly experienced faculties will conduct live interactive online discussions of the MCQs with a special emphasis on very important questions from each topic. Apart from 250 hours of high-yield live discussion, you will also get lectures in the T&D (Test and Discussion) format and 30 hours (recorded) of picture-based discussion.
  • Real grand mock exams: You will get to sit for 6 real grand NEET-PG mock exams (with 1200 MCQs) and 3 real grand INI-CET mock exams (with 1600 MCQs). Additionally, grand tests that cover the entire syllabus will be held at regular intervals during the program. You can take the exams on Android, iOS, or a website, all of which offer you a real mock experience. With a total of 2800 questions, you will feel well-prepared and confident ahead of D-Day. You can also benefit from our laser-focused peer discussion group and Telegram discussion group with faculties. To plan your prep right, you can make the most of the “100 Days Planner Strategy Booklet.”  

Who is this program for?

Doctors who want to appear for national-level postgraduate medical entrance examinations like INI-CET and NEET-PG for admission into postgraduate medical programs can benefit from our Rapid Response Program. Candidates must have excellent preparation to crack these tough examinations. Their prep is made easier, targeted, and seamless by our Rapid Response Program.  

What are our students saying?

Dr. Senthilnathan A (NEET-PG 2021 RANK – 22) said ADR Plexus was his primary source of preparation and the mock tests were a game-changer.

Dr. C V Aruneshwar (NEET-PG 2021 RANK – 40) found our program extremely helpful and high-yield. 

Our crisp notes helped her a lot to revise fast, remarked Dr. Akshaya (NEET-PG 2021 RANK – 175).

Dr. S Navvin (NEET-PG 2021 RANK – 245) said ADR formed the foundation of his success.

These and many other students of ours who completed our Rapid Response Program found the sailing easy and achieved their dream of acing the NEET-PG and INI-CET. If you too would like to join their ranks and make sure you feel confident with solid test prep ahead of your November INI-CET and Final NEET-PG 2023, you should take the RRR without a second thought!

Ready to act? Buy our Rapid Response Program today for well-structured, comprehensive tutorials and much more!