MRB Extension Pack for ADrPLEXUS TN MRB Course Subscribers


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    Dear Doctors

    You can extend the ADrPLEXUS MRB COURSE Pack till APRIL 25,2023 . Only the packages which you purchased will be extended. Course extension will be done within 48 hours from the time of payment

    S.NO Extend Validity till APRIL 25,2023 From April 1 onwards
    1 Doctors who have Validity till March 31,2023 – EXTEND VALIDITY ( USE COUPON CODE : EXTVALIDITY  999
    2 Doctors who bought the course but didn’t extend the course after December 2023 – RE-ACTIVATE MRB COURSE : ACTIVATEMRB 1599



    Procedure to check out for DISCOUNT

    1. Doctors who got course extension validity till March 31,2023, can extend your Validity till APRIL 25,2023 : Apply Coupon Code : EXTVALIDITY

    2. Doctors whose validity got terminated in December 2022 and who wish to re-activate the subscription use COUPON CODE : ACTIVATEMRB ( Validity will be given till APRIl 25,2023 )

    Fees will automatically get reduced to above pricing as per the courses you have chosen .

    Please Note only packages that you have purchased will be extended. No New Courses will be added to your existing packages


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