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Dr M Sujatha

PGI NOV 2018 RANK - 139, AIIMS NOV 2018 RANK - 143

Preparation Strategy

What was your study Plan?

Personally, I am not a believer of plans..but it is always better to have an gross idea of what you are going to do the next 6 months..!

I planned my individual days not the whole 6 months..to be precise..we cannot expect everyday to be perfect.. going according to our plan..so..I have a plan for the day when I get up..for eg..if I have a class that day..I will attend the class and concentrate only on the notes that day…

How many hours did u study ?

On the days with classes – 2 hours just flipping the notes

Rest of the days – 6 hours during last two months – 8 hours per day

#according to me, timings depend on individual preferences..!

Your tips for success ?

#Believe yourself

#Be cool,calm and composed*******the most important thing for success

#Be clear in your goals

#self motivation

During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

At times..but I will boost myself up..I self motivate me..even if I didn’t study well that day..I don’t feel bad about that.. instead I tried to compensate for that..I was conscious that there should be no place for negativity..


“You are not studying for an exam..you are studying for the day when you are the only thing between your patient and grave”- the last slide of Sarath sir’s class kept me going..

How much time do you think one requires for serious preparation for this examination ?

6 months- fully dedicated preparation is more than enough

When did you seriously start preparing for this exam?

After the classes were over..during the course I could not read much except for notes and some stuff from books..

Did you face the problem of volatile memory? If so, how did you deal with it?

Definitely..I had memory issues..I will scribble in a rough paper what I tend to forget… writing something once or twice will definitely improve the memory..for eg- syndromes..tests..pharma drugs

I used to create mnemonics of mine..some clue words..

What was your daily timetable during the preparation? Were you able to stick to the timetable strictly?

Time table …well..we cannot execute it so perfectly..I personally don’t have a strict timetable..

Regarding general things ..I had a daily walking of half an hour..or a half an hour workout in home..that made me fresh the whole day..!

After classes I never read only one subject a day..I will combine two or three subjects.. keeping only one subject for a whole day..you may feel bored..and the speed will be lowered without your knowledge..so whenever I feel like exhausted.. I will take another subject or I will indulge in practice MCQs

The very important thing I had done is there is not even a single day I spent without MCQs..even on the days I couldn’t read the books or notes..I will be writing tests in mobile ..and reviewing the answers

And the next important thing..is whether I know or don’t know I kept on writing mock exams..one per week since day 1..that gave me confidence to approach exams..helped me in time management..

What is your advice to the future aspirants?

*Make your own study plan

*Everybody is unique ..I may feel that  a subject is very easy for me..but it might be tough for others..so devise your own way..you should find your strengths and weaknesses

*Build your concepts- that is first and second year subjects..they bring a dramatic change in your performance..and institute exams test your basics..more than your memory..

*Revise your weak topics..but give equal importance to the topics u already know..

*Don’t study with stress.. things done under stress will never turn out good

*Feel free to ask doubts to your friends or faculties

* Have group discussions..the topic is so vast..that nobody can study everything..so when u discuss you will gain more knowledge and you can remember things better than simply studying

* We had a WhatsApp group ..I will actively participate in discussions ..and I will try to find answers for those questions I didn’t know and tried to read those new topics

Which books did you read for the theory part?

Anatomy- Dr.Raviraj sir notes and few topics fromAravind Arora

Physiology- Dr.Krishnakumar sir notes and Crisp book (must read)

Biochem-Dr.Rebecca Mam notes and book (must read)

Pathology- Dr.Vandana Mam notes and book

Pharmacology – Dr.Thiru sir notes and Dr.Arunkumar sir notes

Microbiology- Dr.Vasanthapriyan sir notes and Apurbha Shastry mam book

Forensic – Dr.Magendran sir notes and his book

ENT – Dr.Manisha Sinha mam book and notes

Ophthal – Dr.Sudhaseetharam mam notes and book

Spm- Dr.Murugan sir notes and book

Medicine- Dr.Rakesh S Nair sir notes

Surgery- Dr.Rajamahendran sir notes and Dr.Rohan Khandelwal notes

OBG- Dr.Vidhya mam notes

Paediatrics – Dr.Sarath Balaji sir notes and book

Orthopaedics – Dr.Abbas Ali sir notes

Radiology and dermatology- Dr.Khaleel sir notes

Psychiatry- Dr.Mohan Sunil Kumar sir notes and Praveen Tripathi book

Anesthesiology-Dr.Seran Reddy sir notes

I used the books mainly for MCQs..

MCQ books- Manoj Chaudhary for pgi

Aravind Arora for neet

What was your strategy for the exam day?

*Went early to exam centre

*Had breakfast definitely..with coffee

*Tried to be cool as much as possible

What was your style of answering question. Whether you started from question

no 1 and ended with 250 or started from middle of the question paper.

I started from 1 and ended with 250 in all exams..this is the best strategy to avoid frameshifts especially in PGI

I marked the questions for review that I was unsure and concentrated on them after completing the whole paper once

Did u underwent the phase of depression. How did u overcome it?

Definitely yes..at times I feel very low and depressed.. I will hear my favourite songs..will talk with friends and parents..and I will try to vent out the worries..either by poems or short talks with dear ones..Dr.Abbas Ali sir’s videos also served as my motivation..

Tips for your Juniors

What was your strategy for NOV PGI, AIIMS, JIPMER 2018?

PGI – Attended 243 questions- took calculated risks.. regarding doubtful options..read the question paper on the whole once..not in depth but just like what are the key words..in questions.. skimming to be precise

Regarding preparation- I took 5 OMR mocks…that helped in time management and shading techniques

AIIMS – Attended 193 questions..

Regarding prep- prev year qns and mock exams

What are the do’s and don’ts in NOV PGI, AIIMS, JIPMER exam

Time management is the key for all exams

The subjects that u should concentrate for institute exams – physiology***, Pathology***, Biochemistry***,OBG***,pharma- new drugs

These subjects determine your rank..and the short subjects .. definitely will play a crucial Role..

For all institute exams- previous three year question papers are the must know..so many direct repeats will be there definitely..this will give an extra edge over others..

PGI – don’t mark options that you have no idea about..take calculated risks only..

AIIMS and JIPMER – try to eliminate options..if u can rule out two options in JIPMER exam..u should attend that question…in AIIMS even if u can elimy one option u can attend that question

YOUR recommended books for PG PREPARATION

Whatever book u are comfortable with..that will be the best..!

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