Dr. Balasubramanian

MD Biochem ( JIPMER ) – Biochemistry 

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Dr. Balasubramanian has years of experience in the field of biochemistry and biochemical disorders. He has done his M.B.B.S. from Kilpauk Medical College and his M.D. in Biochemistry from J.I.P.M.E.R.He also has won two gold medals from this institute. Currently, he is working as an Asst. Professor in Govt Kilpauk Medical College. Besides, he is also working as a consultant with multiple N.A.B.L. accredited laboratories. He has been teaching biochemistry for the past 6 years. His problem-solving approach towards biochemical disorders and biochemistry is quite remarkable. Besides, he has a keen interest in the computation molecular biology.  His teaching methodology for this subject is quite popular among the students.


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Dr Dhvani Raithatha

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Dr Dilip Kumar


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Dr Dilip Kumar

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