Basically Adr plexus was my primary source of my preparation. Later using the same adr plexus notes i used add upon further info here and there using other sources too
And at every class ..subject wise tests were conducted.. but intially i didnt gave much importance during my 1st attempt…and later i realised yes mock test are the one of the game changer…gave asmany gts as possible kept on improving..

DR Senthilnathan A

INI-CET JULY 2021 Rank - 1915, NEET-PG 2021 RANK - 22

Preparation Strategy

What was your study Plan?

I made plan so as complete 19 subject intialyy then made a plan starting with psychiatry so as get a psychological confidence.. then gradually keep on completing subsequent subjects.. but i didnt exactly make a plan …i continued to study whatever thought process in my mind ill take the subject and read… so by end of september2020 i d completed almost about 15 subjects.. then the annoucement of neet21 had come which is tobe held on jan 10.. this made me anxious that still 4 sb left everbody willbe starting their revision….thats all next yr ill try.. these thoughts creeped into my mind..i donno wat to next… So i started revising subjects.. so that ican read rem subects some where in middle.. but again during the revision evrthing was new fr me .. i donno whwter is tudied this previously or not… So a month of prepation i didnt read much and i gave inicet nov 20 as result i got around 6800 rank… And finally the announcement came neet21 has beem postponed till aprl 21 … Now i felt yes we have one more chance.. so as to started study subject wise and gave subject wise test to keep me on track…and this goes on … That tym around my gt score wer around 530 to 540 … I felt these might not be enouh to crack competetive exam.. any how i mead me to prepare ofr worst outcome… And again the news of postponement come neet for 4 months … So this tym made a plan so as dont lose the oppturinity.. but on the other hand it was realyy miserable those two months may and june 21.. i didnt able to study as musch as expectes not able to complete my tasks boosted my morale down.. then finally annoucement neet21 held on sept11….nw ony 2 months left.. thought whther ill able to crack this tym creep again… But i calmed me down ill give the best rest ill leave to god.. as a result i got invet july21 1915 rank… Which is realy a big booster fr me kick up… So it moved on… And the day came … I did the paper… Everyone telling tat paper was easy one.. arount 1000 will be get above 700plus i thought i mad many silly mistakes …ok any how we did the best.. and lets accpet it.. and results came and its… I still unable to believe myself… Either its me or somebody… And finally its done and tq for adr plexus was part of my journeyof ups and down…

How many hours did u study ?

During intial days i kept on syudying about 10-12 hrs a day but later after repeted postponements morale levels downs so that tym i usually studied about lessthan 5 hrs a day.. some tyms less than a hr too.. but any how i kept pushing myself every day some thing has tobe learnt…

During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Absolutley … A big yes… That id dropped year.. frend were got selected and good position … Whther iwould able to do it… These thoughts creeps on my mind… That too during last mont bffre exam… Which hampered me a lot.. but here i applied things learnt in psychiatry.. that these thoughts are of product of mind its not reality.. and neet pg isnt itself a destiny…there are somany optaion after mbbs too.. so i used to calm down myself kept on pushing forward…

When did you seriously start preparing for this exam?

After my intership
That to only after dropping a year

Did you face the problem of volatile memory? If so, how did you deal with it?

Yes during intial revision… Oxtober 20 when i started every thing was new fr me… So tackled by dng active recall of topic.. its a good method but takes time…alsoigave gt give as many gt as possible…. frm intial prep day itself.. irrespective of sub completion so that during qn u will apply it.. as iddid this prev.. and fr facts.. i only concentrated on some imp stuffs nly as nw a days exam bcming conceptual id never gave much imp to that

What was your daily timetable during the preparation? Were you able to stick to the timetable strictly?

Yes sir i also made a study plan.. but this subject tobe completed in these much days.. but i makes me anxious if its not completed.. so i didnt follow any exact plan

Which books did you read for the theory part?

During my ug days i never used to read std books so i entirely depend on class notes . Which is enough to crack this exam

Your Feedback about Leaderboard & Workbook

workbook concept was one of the awesome feature.. it fully loaded with all important images in oneplace so as to avoid unnecessary images .. and makes easy to revise during the course of the preparation as a ready reckoner

What are the Subjects you like the most in ADrPlexus. Who are the faculties who helped you to achieve the goal?

1)Krishnakumar sir crisp classes especially i love sir way of teaching (“kindly make a note of this”) sir voices echoes😂😂.
2)Rebecca mam classes made toughest subject of mine into easier one
3)Manisha mam ent classes mam at end every topics makes us to revises at end of topic itself..and “she teaches in a way like hw a present….like tat exact what happens in opd”
4)Murugan sir psm was awesome he even made boring subject into kind of intresting one
5)Suda mam classes were highly conceptual… Exactly she teached hw to diff bw hard and soft exudates same qn came in the exam
6)And for surgery rohan sir is one of best …
7)Finally rakesh sir … The greatest of all time. He incorparates his clinical accumen into teaching… Which make me to fall more love into medicine..
8)Last but not the least arun sir.. the captain of ship.. and by by the same way he guides during classes which made me to get this unbeleiveable rank

Tips for your Juniors

HOW many choices did u attempt ? ROUGH NUMBER. Please detail your strategies

Id attempeted about 194 … Left 6

YOUR recommended books for PG PREPARATION

Fr my point of view class notes are more than enough whether its any institute..

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