ADR plexus test series were really good and it was quite helpful especially to assess our standard while preparing for exam. I felt they are definitely needed and even mandatory to improve our ranks.

Dr Santhakumar

AIPGMEE Nov'14 Rank - 122

Preparation Strategy

What was your study Plan?

My target was to study all the subjects individually to study once and then to go through the question bank of various competitive exams.


How many hours did u study ?

Approximately 12 hrs pr day.


Your tips for success ?

It is only hard work with some smart reading to remember all the facts we read.


During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Ya actually I had a very short duration of only 3 months since I started only in august so I had doubts bt I made up my mind such that I don’t worry about all those things and decided not to expect anything about results and jus tried only to give my best shot.


How much time do you think one requires for serious preparation for this examination ?

I feel 10 pages in an hour, 10-12 hrs per day for 3-6 months of SMART READING will be enough to crack any entrance exam.


When did you seriously start preparing for this exam?

Only in the month of september, as I was already doing a PG and dropped it in the month of august out of disinterest. So I had effective 3 months with some amount of depression also in the early part bt overcame it early with Parents support.


Did you face the problem of volatile memory? If so, how did you deal with it?

Ya it will be there. So our aim should be to remember each and every line from the book while reading. I adopted various methods like mnemonics, associations and repeated revisions. Infact I have put a separate notebook for mnemonics (nearly there were more than 600 mnemonics in that) as I tend to forget the mnemonics often and used to revise that notebook everyday before sleep. Repeated revisions are also required. There should be atleast 1 month before any entrance exam just for revising what all have been read.


What was your daily timetable during the preparation? Were you able to stick to the timetable strictly?

​​​​​​​Actually I followed a formula of 10 pages in an hour and I was able to read about 12 hrs in a day. So depending on that and the total number of pages in a particular book I devised a schedule which was varying for every subject.


What is your advice to the future aspirants?

U try just not to get a seat, but try to get a seat of ur choice because everyone who is continuous and consistent for 6 months can crack a seat. Then, not to get depressed because of failure as it is an hindrance to success. So if you want to crack a seat you have to shed off your depression. Then work hard as it is just a matter of 6 months in your life when you have to be consistent and if you are ,you will succeed definitely, however ur UG career was WHICH DOESN’T MATTER.


Which books did you read for the theory part?

All subject wise guides. I couldn’t do more than that due to lack of time.


What was your strategy for the exam day?

Just sleep well day before exam and eat moderately on the day, just before exam.


What was ur style of answering question?

Whether you started from question no 1 and ended with 300 or started from middle of the question paper. Ya from question no1 to 300.


Did u underwent the phase of depression. How did u overcome it?

Ya I secured a moderate rank and took a post graduation seat just after my internship due to pressure and in an half hearted manner (not liking it fully). But I lost interest early so had to quit it after working hard for 5 months. So I was quite depressed initially for about 15-20 days but I managed to overcome it with good support from family and friends.


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