ADR PLEXUS is a wonderful institute which tries its best to sensitize the students to the differing patterns of various exams. I attended the PGI crash course and took the JIPMER mock tests conducted by them. The mock tests simulated very much the final exam (in fact a handful of questions and topics asked in the mock tests came in the exam).I must thank DR.ARUN for the continuous efforts he puts to improve the standards of coaching and mock tests. He has played a role in the success of many students and I am happy to say that I am also one among them

Dr. Rajarajan

JIPMER Nov'13 Rank - 1, Coimbatore Medical college

Preparation Strategy

What was your study Plan?

I made sure I read plan was to cover each subject individually.


How many hours did u study ?

I used to read between 8-10 hrs/day…


Your tips for success ?

Hard work is the only way to success.


During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Yeaha that happens for most of us but I had great backing from my mother and friends to overcome it.…


How much time do you think one requires for serious preparation for this examination ?

I think to crack any pg exam 6months of constant hardship s needed…


When did you seriously start preparing for this exam?

This is the second time I gave JIPMER. Last time I couldn’t get my subject of I decided to try for one last time and it did pay off.


Did you face the problem of volatile memory? If so, how did you deal with it?

This is a common problem which plugs all of us. Best thing to overcome this s to repeatedly revise the topics.…


What was your daily timetable during the preparation? Were you able to stick to the timetable strictly?

I split time for each of the 20 subjects in the last 2 months after neet and pgi got over. Though it was not possible to complete the target I kept for each subject I went on with the next subject once the time I allocated for that particular subject elapsed.…


What is your advice to the future aspirants?

I believe pg preparation should kick start from 2ndyritself. Doing some mcqs along with the theory preparation will do wonders later while preparing for advice is to do consistent hard work without getting upset with failures. Your hard work will surely be gifted.…


Which books did you read for the theory part?

JIPMER is one exam where they purely test the basics we read in our ug days. So textbook reading s a must as questions will be directly taken from standard textbooks. I read important topics/tables from Harrison/bailey/ghai/dutta/park/robbins/kdt/panniker and Adrplexus JIPMER past paper discussion sets. . ..


What was your strategy for the exam day?

JIPMER pattern s like previous Aipg’s where each question carries 4 marks and a wrong I decided to attend as many questions as possible. I left around 5.


What was ur style of answering question. Whether you started from question no 1 and ended with last question or started from middle of the question paper.

It is always best to go in the order of question paper to avoid any confusion while marking and I did the same.


Did u underwent the phase of depression. How did u overcome it?

After PGI result I became depressed because I got only rank 70. I couldn’t emerge as a TOPPER but I know these sort of things do happen and the best thing is to work much harder for the next exam rather than getting depressed. I thank ADR PLEXUS AND DR.ARUN for the great privilege they have given me by interviewing me.


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