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Target the FINAL NEET-PG 2022 with ADrPlexus

What you Get by Enrolling

India’s First Unique Methodology of Coaching through Workbooks

Innovative Workbooks

ADrPlexus was the first Institute in India to introduce Innovative Workbook Based Lectures for Easy recall. It is the most Unique Feature of ADrPlexus

Video Lessons

700 + Hours of Interactive lectures uploaded in app ( Except Physiology , Anatomy & Pathology )

Leaderboard Assessment

This the highly rated and result oriented feature about ADrPlexus. After Learning Concepts , you will be adequately tested with our Class Wise Live Leaderboard and You learn from Mistakes

Real Grand Mocks

ADrPlexus NEET-PG and INI-CET has been set by our Faculty Team and Lots of direct repeat questions have appeared in  NEET-PG 2021

Mobile App

Available both in IOS and Android format and Our APP has been rated with 4.5 Stars by our USERS for its unique content . 

Test and Discussion

160 Hours of Recorded Test and Discussion has been provided for revision

Become a Post Graduate

Synapse with ADrPlexus to become the postgraduate of your choice


Please read the complete List of FAQ

What is the Duration of the Target NEET-PG 2022 Program ?

Regular Course has been effectively structured as a 90 Days Programme ( Live Classes (70) ,  which runs for 5 Months . Each Month 2 Major Subjects and 3 Minor Subject will be covered . So Basically 19 Subjects will be covered in 4 ½ months + 1  Months of Revision test series.

What is the course Schedule and when it will be updated to Doctors ?

Course Schedule is effectively designed and Schedule will be updated on monthly basis in WhatsApp group / Telegram Group of doctors

What if I miss a class in Face to Face Program ?

 If you miss a class , you can access pre-recorded lecture for the SUBJECT . Please Note , Anatomy , Pathology , FM and Physiology Pre-recorded lectures arent uploaded . It will be uploaded by DEC 2021

What is that we offer apart from Live classes?

⦿ ADrPlexus Medical App – Subcription for 6 /12 Months

⦿ ADrPlexus Test and Discussion

⦿ ADrPlexus Telegram Mentorship

⦿ ADrPlexus INI-CET / NEET-PG Mock

⦿ ADrPlexus QBanks

Why Number of classes ( @ ADrPlexus morethan 70 Live Lectures ) are High as compared to other Coaching Programs ?

Number of Days in a coaching program is purely based on the recommendations of a faculty and MCQ Weightage of the particular subject for an exam. With the introduction of INI-CET, we have specially designed the program to increase the number of classes in clinical subjects

*Most of our toppers from 2019-20 have read only the class notes given by our faculties. As the dependency on class notes is getting higher , we need to increase the number of classes for our regular course program .

What is the Mode of Payment of Fees ?

We accept only payment through ONLINE through our WEBSITE  . We will not be accepting anyother modes of payment .

If we cancel the course before the course starts, can we get our registration fees refunded ?

Registration fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances . However if the candidate has paid the full fees , we will be refunding partial amount of the full fees paid provided the request for cancellation is placed before the starting date of the classes in the respective centres ( Please read our Policy refund : ) . Refund will not be possible for ONLINE and Recorded Modes of Program


Please read the complete List of FAQ

What is the Validity of the APP ?

Doctors can choose between 6 Months and12 Months .  

What is ClassWise Leaderboard ?

Class wise Leaderboard will be Based on the topics taught by faculty. This is one of the best features of features where you take the exam in live mode and you learn from the mistakes committed by your peers with immediate ranking . Approximately we make you workout 4000+ MCQ’s to make you topper of any exam

What is TopicWise Leaderboard ?

Topic WIse Leaderboard is yet another Unique Feature of ADrPlexus designed by our Expert Faculty team . Expert Team will give you set of 20 Topics to revise and appear for MOCK Exam on the next day . Approximately you will be tested on 2000+Qs targeting INI-CET and NEET-PG 2022

How Many Devices , I can use ADrPlexus APP

Only ONE SIMULTANEOUS LOG IN is ALLOWED . If we find the subscription is being used by two or more members , we will suspend the subscription and no refund of money for course package will be given. IT Team will be continuously monitoring unfair usage and sharing of subscription

What is ADrPlexus Puzzle APP ?

ADrPlexus Puzzle app is a fun way of Learning and remembering High Yield Questions in the form of jumble words and puzzles . It is an ideal tool where you learn and remember Image Based Questions through gamified concept

Does it support Ios and which version of Android is necessary for accessing the app?

Yes ADrPlexus Medical learning app is available for iOS users and it works in Android ( Version 7 and above ) . It has a great interface for taking test and for accessing video Lectures . Please note We dont provide OFFLINE DOWNLOADS for our Video Lectures .  

Do You Provide Softcopy of Workbooks

No We don’t provide softcopy for our WORKBOOKS . Course Fees is inclusive of Workbooks and our workbooks will be couriered on monthly basis to your corresponding address

Can Videos be watched through Website

No Videos can be accessed only through ADrPlexus Learning APP

Chennai Class Room Venue

Bengal Auditorium – T Nagar

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